Fine Tuned

Carefully maintained, utilizing a unit-based flooding approach, allowing optimization for various environmental requirements, and  products simultaneously

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System for 100% water recycling rate, 
loss only in plant matter and slight condensation.
All powered by a local hydro plant .

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Local Quality

Local produce with quality you can trust. Contact us today and chat with experts, book tours, and ask about our process!

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What we do.

As the first, and as of this time only vertical farming project on the island of Greenland, we treat our principles of quality, on-time deliveries, and customer satisfaction with utmost respect.

Speciality Herbs:

You dream, we grow; Contact us today and speak to us about your favorites no matter the requirements: We'll figure out the logistics to have it fresh on your doorstep in weeks!

Made to Order:

Do you need quality produce for your next event? Speak with one of our experts and get it fresh to the day.


Get it local, fresh; And rid yourself of the nasty footprint of delayed, and climate-damaging shipping. Powered by renewables, 100% water recycling, keeping the supply-chain climate-healthy.

Handled with care:

Hygienically harvested with a low time-to-plate. Stop worrying about half moldy imports stuck in the freezer for weeks. Order fresh, and local today!

Recurrent deliveries:

Carve out your slice of the Greenhouse, talk logistics and product-fit for your business today!

Fruit, and Veg:

Want atomatoes, cucumbers, or even a hearty strawberry all perfectly fresh without breaking the bank? Call and speak about your wishes for a greener future.